Johor Baru toll hike: LTA ridiculous threat to match it in obvious money grab

As expected, LTA has issued the threat that it’d retaliate if JB were to increase or introduce a new toll at its CIQ.

LTA’s oft repeated mantra is “We will match Malaysia” as if it’s fighting for the interests of Singapore motorists. The bald truth is that it’s another of LTA’s ridiculous excuses to generate revenue for the regime as if regime coffers are not overflowing. The fact is regime has once again accumulated billions in surplus this year, 34 billions reportedly.

By matching JB hike in toll, including its new outbound toll, LTA will rake in millions in revenue. However the ones who will fork out the money are Singapore drivers. The brutal truth is Singaporeans are the ones who will suffer.

Living in the most expensive city in the world, Singaporeans try to cope by making trips to JB for food, entertainment, groceries and cheaper petrol.

People all over the world cross borders to take advantage of cheaper goods and services. Is there anything wrong with this?

However, the Singapore regime behaves as if it is not one of the wealthiest nations in the world but one of the poorest as it relentlessly regards Singaporeans as walking ATMs to be raided at the slightest and most absurd excuse.

LTA’s mantra of “We will match the other side” falls into this category of absurdity.

As an Authority vested with the power to impose fees and taxes, it has to do so with full justification. Excuses like the one mentioned and “Because of complaints” not only insult the intelligence of Singaporeans but also erode the credibility of LTA as an Authority.

The question that naturally arises is why can’t LTA match Malaysia’s road tax of less than $100 for most family cars or allow free roadside parking as seen everywhere in Malaysia since it is always making the ridiculous boast of matching this and that?

That most netizens have condemned LTA comes as no surprise. They have had enough of LTA’s money grabbing ways for years.

Singaporeans have to make the ruling PAP pay a heavy political price at the 2016 polls for its culture of money grab.

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