JB toll hike: Singaporeans boycott JB and Msian buses strike

Yesterday five of us JB regulars bade farewell to JB with a party in…JB of course.

From today the JB toll for inbound AND outbound (a new toll) will cost RM 16.50. And, the Singapore regime, with greed as its core value, has vowed to match that.

Once a week on average each of us spent about RM 200 in JB. That means we pumped about RM 4000 into JB economy every month.

It’s not a question of affordability. People the world over cross borders if there is the pull factor of bargains to be enjoyed. Once this is diminished, it’s no longer worthwhile.

Particularly in our case where there is the perennial traffic congestion at the checkpoints.

Malaysians we spoke to voiced their frustration and predicted gloomy days ahead not only for JB but also for Iskandar which is also well known for its theme parks besides high-end housing and industrial parks.

This morning the usual congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint vanished. Clearly other motorists share the view that it’s no longer worthwhile to go to JB.

Again this morning, Malaysian buses ferrying workers to Singapore factories refused to drive to Singapore in protest against the steep JB tolls. The workers were forced to walk across the Causeway. I can imagine the disruption to factory operations across Singapore.

When the money-faced Singapore regime matches the new JB tolls, expect more trouble ahead.

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