JB toll hike: the boycott cold war

Today is Day 3 of the “cold war” between JB and Singapore over the former’s toll hike of 400% and the latter’s VEP increase.

Woodlands Checkpoint and the Causeway remain deserted today. Singaporeans are boycotting JB and Malaysians are not coming over.

Result? An own goal by both countries. Both are losers.

However, the Singapore government would disagree. Why? They think they can do without Malaysian visitors.

The new Petronas petrol station, strategically situated outside the JB ICQ to capture Singaporean quest for cheaper petrol is probably the biggest loser if the boycott continues.

When the Singapore government, whose core value is greed, matches the JB tolls as it vowed to as if it is doing Singapore motorists the greatest favour in the world, JB businesses will be very negatively impacted.

When the pull factor of bargains to be had in JB vanishes because of all these tolls exacted by predatory governments, Singaporean love affair with JB is over.

Malaysian Ministers betray their out of touch mindset when they declared that with their strong currency Singaporeans would not mind paying more in tolls.

In other words, they wouldn’t mind being ripped off?

The Singapore Foreign Minister has said the controversy would not affect bilateral ties. Of course, when both governments are laughing all the way to the bank.

But JB retailers would not care less about that, would they?

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