JB toll hike: penny wise, pound foolish

Some of the utterings of Malaysian politicians betray the fact that they are sorely out of touch.

One declared that prices of goods in JB are half that in Singapore. This is incorrect. Most goods in JB are only SLIGHTLY cheaper with some even matching Singapore’s.

One can get similar goods in Sheng Shiong here for just a few cents more.

Another politician declared that Singaporeans can save up to $40 in petrol purchases. Again this is incorrect.

With the three quarters tank rule at our Checkpoints, you can fill up at the most around 30 litres. Factor in the latest JB toll and our exit toll, and the savings is less than $15, generally speaking. When the Singapore government matches JB tolls, the savings will be less than $10.

The pull factor of cheaper petrol is now much diminished so why take all that trouble besides wasting time? Today is Day 5 since the JB toll hike and Woodlands Checkpoint remain deserted as ever. Clearly Singapore motorists are voting with their feet and boycotting JB.

It’s all commonsense really. When the pull factor of bargains to be enjoyed in JB “terbang” (Malay, for fly), most Singaporeans would no longer bother with JB.

All the hassle to save just a few dollars?

A Sarawak politician was correct though when he accused PM Najib of Malaysia of being penny wise, pound foolish.

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