JB toll hike: who will blink first?

Deserted Woodlands Checkpoint and Causeway

Deserted Woodlands Checkpoint and Causeway

imageToday is Day 6 of the big toll war between Malaysia and Singapore.

Result? Deserted Checkpoints and Causeway. This is unprecedented.

At this time before August 1 when JB retaliated with its own salvo of toll hikes, the Causeway would be heavily congested. Again as in the last 5 days, both Singaporeans and Malaysians are staying away today except for those who work in Singapore.

A Malaysian politician declared that there was only a fall of 5% in Singapore arrivals. This is doubtful considering the fact that the Causeway has been practically deserted the last 6 days. I’ve been monitoring the traffic, you know.

Whatever it is, JB economy stands to lose RM 1000 this week as we five JB regulars have decided to boycott JB.

And Malaysia still wants to impose a fee of not less than RM 50 on Singapore vehicles by year- end? And when the tamak Singapore government matches JB tolls, JB businesses and even Iskandar will be strangled.

Berfikir dengan baik-baik lah (Malay for Please think carefully).

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