National Day: why few fly the national flag

Once again the same scenario is being played out: the majority of Singaporeans are not flying the national flag.

The suggestion by the ruling PAP MPs that it’s due to the design of HDB flats is laughable. They not only insult our intelligence but also highlight the widely held perception that they are sorely out of touch.

People have not been flying the flag on many National Day now to
signal their dissatisfaction with the government.

As my friend Mike said in his characteristic pugnacious manner, “Is there anything to celebrate? You tell me.”

It’s tedious to go over the same ground so I won’t repeat them here. But a few points bear repeating.

In a nut shell, the government has destroyed the social tapestry with its massive imports of foreigners, the unbearable overcrowding on public transport, the divisiveness caused by huge numbers of foreign nationalities and the rising cost of living.

Add to this a self-serving and out of touch government that is bent on money grab and that is among the top sovereign wealth funds in the world but spend the least on public welfare among first world countries.

To put things in perspective, it has amassed a reportedly 34 billion in
surplus. Barring recessionary and crisis years like SARS, it has been consistently amassing billions every year.

Even if you live on the tree top, you can still find a way to fly the flag.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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