JB proposed VEP: killing its golden goose


(Above) The Deserted Causeway: the new normal

It seems to me Johor politicians are determined to kill their golden goose with all this talk about JB retaliatory VEP. Reports say this could be in the region of RM 50.

It also strikes me as rather odd the view of these people that given their strong currency, Singaporeans wouldn’t mind paying.


I get the impression they are just emulating the Singapore government bad habit of squeezing every cent out of vehicle owners.

In short, these JB politicians are saying “These bodoh Singapore motorists will still come to JB no matter what. We will rip them off the way their own government rip them off.”

But these politicians are sorely out of touch. Friends who were JB regulars have scratched Malaysia off their list.

The Causeway is now glaringly deserted. With the steep increases in tolls at both Checkpoints, the pull factor of bargains in JB has vanished.

With the impending JB VEP next month, it’s the last nail in the coffin. JB golden goose is already comatose but with its proposed VEP it will be dead.

Malaysia bolih?

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