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Riot in Little India: Spotlight on SPF

December 10, 2013

I’ve touched on the subject of the disappearance of SPF from public places in several posts. Many others have also expressed disappointment over this. Once again, the spotlight falls on SPF prompted by the rioting in Little India just as it did over the police officer who murdered two persons in Kovan. With thousands of […]

Spitting incident at Woodlands Interchange: SPF should carry out active policing

October 26, 2013

It’s heartening to note that SPF have been swift to arrest the spitter. I watched the video and found it scary the way he humiliated the woman and struck fear into those who happened to around at the time. This highlights the need for SPF to boost its policing in public areas. So far it’s […]

Man spits at woman: thuggish behaviour on the rise

October 24, 2013

A very aggressive young man spat on a lady not once but several times at a bus interchange. It was disappointing that SMRT staff merely watched helplessly as he continued to hurl abuse at the lady, and didn’t try to restrain him from attacking the lady by spitting at her again and again. With his […]

CPIB officer faces fraud charges: tip of the iceberg?

July 24, 2013

Yet another revelation that is sending shock waves throughout Singapore. A senior anti-graft officer has been charged with stealing $1.76 million from the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau ( CPIB) which incidentally is under the Prime Minister’s Office. This comes on the heels of recent sex scandals involving two high-ranking officers and a double murderer, all […]

Slashing case in Ang Mo Kio: SPF must return to active policing

July 16, 2013

Yet another slashing case! This time in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday in broad daylight. When the dust has hardly settled over the slashing case in Orchard Road, and the whole of Singapore is still abuzz with the brutality of the Kovan double murder last week. With the Singapore Police Force (SPF) conspicuously absent from […]

Kovan double murder: Big Blow to SPF and Home Team Part 2

July 15, 2013

The mantra of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is “Low crime doesn’t mean NO crime.” Not many would agree. Road rage, thuggish behaviour, gang fights, robberies and murders are on the rise. It’s no coincidence this is happening with the spike in our population. Some of these occurred in broad daylight in full view of […]

Kovan double murder: Big blow to SPF and Home Team

July 14, 2013

Another gruesome crime. The Kovan double murder is the talk of the town. And now that the murderer is from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the plot thickens. And once again people are asking why there are so many foreigners as Auxilliary Police Officers (APOs). Do Singaporeans shun a career in SPF or is the […]

Kovan double murder: suspect arrested by Malaysian Police

July 13, 2013

Will he do a Mas Selamat? This thought occurred to me when I read about the Kovan double murder. But former police commanders and detectives were of the opinion that given the tight security at our land borders and SPF knowledge of advanced forensics it was only a matter of time the murderer was caught. […]

Kovan double murder: SPF needs to make Singapore safe

July 11, 2013

So another horrific crime! This time it’s the double murder in Kovan. The rioting case in Kaki Bukit and the slashing case in Orchard Road is still fresh in our minds, and now this. Crime, as a police chief once told me, takes place because of an opportunity, and the perception that it can be […]

Rioting at Kaki Bukit: SPF needs to be proactive not reactive

July 7, 2013

So another rioting case; this time in Kaki Bukit. Coming close on the heels of the slashing case in an Orchard Road mall barely a month ago, the public is perturbed. For how long more will the Singapore Police Force (SPF) continue to ignore public demands for a greater police presence in public places? SPF […]