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JB toll hike: Singaporeans boycott JB and Msian buses strike

August 1, 2014

Yesterday five of us JB regulars bade farewell to JB with a party in…JB of course. From today the JB toll for inbound AND outbound (a new toll) will cost RM 16.50. And, the Singapore regime, with greed as its core value, has vowed to match that. Once a week on average each of us […]

Johor Baru toll hike: LTA ridiculous threat to match it in obvious money grab

July 30, 2014

As expected, LTA has issued the threat that it’d retaliate if JB were to increase or introduce a new toll at its CIQ. LTA’s oft repeated mantra is “We will match Malaysia” as if it’s fighting for the interests of Singapore motorists. The bald truth is that it’s another of LTA’s ridiculous excuses to generate […]

VEP increases: Malaysia hits back at Singapore

July 28, 2014

I’ve have never had such a good laugh. Johor reportedly does not object to the Malaysian government proposal to impose a levy on Singapore cars. Hahaha, with the prospect of millions in revenue, Johor doesn’t object? State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad said besides a token toll charge, Singaporean […]

Woodlands Checkpoint Congestion: why is ICA indifferent?

June 10, 2014

Any business that conducts itself with indifference to its customers would soon find them boycotting it. This why big companies like Apple have customer support, winning them loyal customers. Government agencies should adopt a similar mindset of customer service. One government agency that cares about this is CPF which is very much in the news […]

PAP Core Value: collecting and collecting more and more revenue

June 5, 2014

Unjustified: ERP is to control traffic congestion but where’s the congestion here? Illogical.   I was struck by what the British PM David Cameron said yesterday in Parliament. To a packed House, he declared that his government intended to let people keep more of their money in their pockets. Say what you like about the […]

Frustration: ICA indifferent to Woodlands Checkpoint congestion

May 16, 2014

ICA is hugely disappointing. Motorists who use the land checkpoint at Woodlands would surely share the same sentiment about ICA. This is putting it mildly. Friends who are JB regulars get agitatedy every time the subject of checkpoint congestion is mentioned. A torrent of abusive language is the standard reaction. My friend Victor is a […]

Park Connector Network (PCN): iron out the kinks

December 17, 2013

NParks’ Park Connector Network (PCN) concept is something I’ve yet to see in another country. For cyclists, it’s simply fantastic as they can go far without having to compete with motorists. Distances of up to 60 km is easily attained on the PCN. However, NParks can improve the PCN further. Here are some suggestions and […]

Cyber attacks on govt websites: national security shouldn’t be outsourced

November 6, 2013

The cyber attacks against the Singapore government underlines the concern many Singaporeans have over the security of the country. This covers not only cyber security but internal security as well. Many view with growing alarm the vast numbers of so-called foreign talent manning IT in Singapore. Their driving ambition is to make money not the […]

Removal of Saturday ERP: proof of PAP government greed

March 23, 2013

When MPs clamoured for the removal of Saturday ERP the regime was unmoved. This is not surprising as profiteering at the people’s expense is one of its CORE values. “Every damn bloody thing PAP makes us pay,” exclaimed the 75 year old retiree who was fined for parking his ancient scooter (rightfully belongs to a […]

LTA Enforcement Officers: greedy, cunning and abusing authority?

March 7, 2013

Over coffee a retiree related how he was fined by a LTA Enforcement Officer or pest as many dub them. He rides a junk of a scooter which is at least 20 years old. “I just parked for three minutes,” he protested. The much hated pest said, “No such thing as three minutes.” My friend […]