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VEP increases: Malaysia hits back at Singapore

July 28, 2014

I’ve have never had such a good laugh. Johor reportedly does not object to the Malaysian government proposal to impose a levy on Singapore cars. Hahaha, with the prospect of millions in revenue, Johor doesn’t object? State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad said besides a token toll charge, Singaporean […]

Straits Times accorded Superbrands status: super absurd and super out of touch

August 27, 2013

Life as they say is full of ironies. The Straits Times aka Shitty Times has been accorded Superbrands status. Eyebrows are surely being raised at this preposterous “achievement”. In the last few years, ST has been trying to woo Singaporeans with all sorts of promotions. Lately, it went into overdrive to entice people to take […]

Straits Times Tessa Wong casts doubt on social media: is she a dinosaur?

July 28, 2013

Tessa Wong wrote in the state-controlled newspaper, The Straits Times (ST), claiming that the social media can’t be trusted and those reading it should do so with a pinch of salt. Even the Prime Minister, Ministers and his MPs have taken to the social media. So do we distrust them too? Has Tessa been a […]

Free My Internet: another proof of an insincere govt

June 12, 2013

I’ve said many times before that the Prime Minister of Singapore has a predilection for paying lip service or “wayang” in the local slang. During the last General Election in 2011, facing great resentment against his authoritarian government he declared that the people were the masters while the politicians were servants. Stirring words worthy of […]

Free My Internet: protest at Hong Lim Park Part 2

June 9, 2013

I’m grateful to the coalition of alternative media for organizing the FREE MY INTERNET protest at Hong Lim Park yesterday. I’m also proud of my fellow bloggers who turned up in full force. Thanks to MDA’s censorship, for that is what it actually amounts to amid all its mumbo jumbo, the world is once again […]

MDA online news sites licensing: the Great Merlion Firewall Internet censorship

June 1, 2013

Young people hate the PAP regime. 90% of young people I have spoken to expressed their immense dissatisfaction with the ruling regime. It’s tiresome to repeat their grouses as these are well-known to the majority. The latest act of repression by the PAP regime has aroused the ire of young people: the ridiculous and regressive […]

Curbing online dissent in Singapore: MDA regulates online media

May 29, 2013

That the Media Authority of Singapore (MDA) has cracked the whip in forcing online news media to be regulated like the traditional media comes as no surprise to me for two reasons. One, for months the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Yaacob Ibrahim had been expressing his irritation over online socio-politico sites. Two, […]

Singapore Press Freedom: an indictment on ruling PAP

May 19, 2013

“You’re still subscribing to ST?” a friend asked. “You sound surprised,” I replied. He explained why. He had read my posts on the satellite ERP and former President Nathan’s call to Singaporeans to volunteer more, news given prominence in Shitty Times aka PAP Times. There are other sources of news on the Internet I pointed […]

Freedom of the Press: Singapore sinks lower

May 7, 2013

ST aka Shitty Times/PAP Times continues to excel in consistency: in being consistently at the bottom of the class in the global ranking for press freedom. It ranks 153 out of 197 countries, with Afghanistan, Iraq and Qatar for company. For a country the regime brags as a first world country, its press freedom remains […]

Singapore’s Press Freedom Index 2013: plunging, plunging

February 22, 2013

News that Singapore has plunged to 149th from 135th in the World Press Index 2013 comes as no surprise to Singaporeans. The mainstream media is government-controlled and the mouthpiece of the regime. And like all regimes that gag their media, the regime’s core value is indisputably one of repression. It’s also indisputable that the MSM […]