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PETTY: PM Lee’s defamation suit against blogger Roy Ngerng

May 20, 2014

Here we go again. It’s probably in his genes. This habit of squashing dissent and criticism with defamation suits has been following PM Lee like a well-loved shadow. Now he’s suing blogger Roy Ngerng over his claims of wrongdoing by CPF, our pension fund. PM Lee has once again proved me right when I said […]

Nelson Mandela Memorial: lesson for the repressive Singapore government

December 11, 2013

Such is the towering stature of Nelson Mandela that more than 100 world leaders past and current attended his Memorial. Among them were autocrats, dictators and others whose sole preoccupation in office is to enrich themselves, their families and cronies. The US President drew the loudest cheer when he rose to deliver his eulogy. Mandela […]

Punggol By Election: money grabs by the ruling regime

January 21, 2013

Authoritarian countries like China have land grabs but in Singapore there are money grabs. The regime had already grabbed land in the earlier years and paid peanuts to farmers and property owners. The regime has honed to a fine art the contemptible practice of imposing all sorts of fees, levies and taxes. All it needs […]

By-Election Rally: Workers’ Party May 22 – call for greater respect of the elderly

May 23, 2012

Singapore senior citizen: still toiling away at 10:30pm when she should be at home spending time with her family or grandchildren. In stark contrast, cleaners in China are young people! Many issues, points and rebuttals to PAP’s claims were made at the Workers’ Party by- election rally last night. I’ll just focus on one. WP […]

Hougang bye-election: Workers’ Party Rally

May 22, 2012

First time I am early so I am able to get a ringside seat (sitting on the grass). A large group of supporters are already in front of stage. Another ten minutes to go. A trumpet sounds and a roar goes up. A guy in songkok waves a banner with the words “Huat Ah”!

President Nathan: done the best I can. Really?

August 8, 2011

Car wash places in Johor Bahru (JB) are a great place to meet Malaysians from taxi drivers to cops. Taxi drivers like their counterparts elsewhere are a great source of information as well as possessing a penchant for politics. Din was no exception. Din: i hear you’re about to hold a presidential election. Me: You’re […]

National Day: what is there to celebrate?

August 5, 2011

This giant billboard dwarfing the surrounding building in Geylang Serai stopped me dead in my tracks. PAP MPs seem to find this form of PR , marketing or whatever you term it as essential. It must have cost quite a tidy sum to erect such a humongous structure. Wonder who paid for it? Are they […]

Singapore National Day: where are our national flags?

August 2, 2011

With a week to go before National Day, our HDB heartland should be awash with the national flags fluttering proudly from HDB apartments. Sadly, it’s not the case. And as for cars, I saw only one displaying the flag so far. Contrast this with the situation in Malaysia. With one month to go before their […]

National Day: majulah “democratic society”?

August 1, 2011

Singapore Parliament: more than three months after the watershed General Election, the House has yet to sit. Be sceptical if you like but keen observers of the Malaysian political scene have remarked to me that Malaysia is much more democratic than Singapore which remains as repressive as ever. As reported in The Star newspaper, Prime […]

National Day: majulah PAP?

July 15, 2011

Middle East leaders cultivate a personality cult by having huge posters of themselves everywhere so their people are reminded all the time who the big boss is. So when I see huge posters of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in connection with National Day, I am left wondering if the PAP government is subtly sending […]