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JB RM 20 VEP: JB mati lah

December 23, 2014

So finally Msia has made up its mind over its VEP for Singapore registered vehicles. It’ll be RM 20 from the middle of 2015. Clearly Msia has followed in the footsteps of Singapore in imposing a VEP. It’s finally realized what a gold mine there’s in this VEP thing. With 400,000 crossings PER DAY, the […]

JB toll hike: penny wise, pound foolish

August 5, 2014

Some of the utterings of Malaysian politicians betray the fact that they are sorely out of touch. One declared that prices of goods in JB are half that in Singapore. This is incorrect. Most goods in JB are only SLIGHTLY cheaper with some even matching Singapore’s. One can get similar goods in Sheng Shiong here […]

JB toll hike: the boycott cold war

August 3, 2014

Today is Day 3 of the “cold war” between JB and Singapore over the former’s toll hike of 400% and the latter’s VEP increase. Woodlands Checkpoint and the Causeway remain deserted today. Singaporeans are boycotting JB and Malaysians are not coming over. Result? An own goal by both countries. Both are losers. However, the Singapore […]

JB toll hike: Singaporeans boycott JB and Msian buses strike

August 1, 2014

Yesterday five of us JB regulars bade farewell to JB with a party in…JB of course. From today the JB toll for inbound AND outbound (a new toll) will cost RM 16.50. And, the Singapore regime, with greed as its core value, has vowed to match that. Once a week on average each of us […]

Frustration: ICA indifferent to Woodlands Checkpoint congestion

May 16, 2014

ICA is hugely disappointing. Motorists who use the land checkpoint at Woodlands would surely share the same sentiment about ICA. This is putting it mildly. Friends who are JB regulars get agitatedy every time the subject of checkpoint congestion is mentioned. A torrent of abusive language is the standard reaction. My friend Victor is a […]

Cycling to Sungei Rengit

June 1, 2013

The last time I cycled in the Pengerang area in SE Johor was probably 10 years ago. Hearing about the oil refinery project in this corner of Johor, I felt I had to revisit. The welcome change is that the boat to the Tanjung Pengelih pier was air-conditioned. The ride from Pengelih to the seafood […]

Cycling in Malaysia: the East Coast

May 16, 2013

My dream places to cycle in Malaysia are the Cameron Highlands ( CH) and the East Coast. Though hilly and requiring strong legs, the cool weather in CH means you never tire of pedalling. It tempts you to go farther and farther which means a tough ride back to your hotel! Kota Baru is a […]

SIA’s Krisflyer: worst frequent flyer programme?

February 13, 2013

SIA’s KrisFlyer sucks big time. I received an email from Krisflyer announcing certain promotions. I had been trying to contact Krisflyer regarding my membership but its website takes you on a merry go round when I tried to send an online feedback. So I said Aha, now I can reply. But my reply (queries on […]