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Riot in Little India: Spotlight on SPF

December 10, 2013

I’ve touched on the subject of the disappearance of SPF from public places in several posts. Many others have also expressed disappointment over this. Once again, the spotlight falls on SPF prompted by the rioting in Little India just as it did over the police officer who murdered two persons in Kovan. With thousands of […]

Spitting incident at Woodlands Interchange: SPF should carry out active policing

October 26, 2013

It’s heartening to note that SPF have been swift to arrest the spitter. I watched the video and found it scary the way he humiliated the woman and struck fear into those who happened to around at the time. This highlights the need for SPF to boost its policing in public areas. So far it’s […]

Man spits at woman: thuggish behaviour on the rise

October 24, 2013

A very aggressive young man spat on a lady not once but several times at a bus interchange. It was disappointing that SMRT staff merely watched helplessly as he continued to hurl abuse at the lady, and didn’t try to restrain him from attacking the lady by spitting at her again and again. With his […]

Slashing case in Ang Mo Kio: SPF must return to active policing

July 16, 2013

Yet another slashing case! This time in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday in broad daylight. When the dust has hardly settled over the slashing case in Orchard Road, and the whole of Singapore is still abuzz with the brutality of the Kovan double murder last week. With the Singapore Police Force (SPF) conspicuously absent from […]

Rioting at Kaki Bukit: SPF needs to be proactive not reactive

July 7, 2013

So another rioting case; this time in Kaki Bukit. Coming close on the heels of the slashing case in an Orchard Road mall barely a month ago, the public is perturbed. For how long more will the Singapore Police Force (SPF) continue to ignore public demands for a greater police presence in public places? SPF […]

CRIME in JB: lip service only or cakap saja.

July 15, 2012

JB police chief has assured Singaporeans that criminals don’t target them as crime is one of giving them the opportunity. That means Malaysians are also victims. This may be true but Singaporeans are still very much wary of JB’s unsavoury reputation. JB has a reputation for making a big show of tackling crime in an […]

Crime in JB: kidnapped Singapore family will return

July 9, 2012

Rita Zahara is one lucky lady because her family escaped bodily harm or, worse, being sent to meet the Divine after being kidnapped in JB on 1 July. I had no doubt then that the kidnappers would be arrested. Congratulation to the JB police team. JB police chief spoke with some vigour after the arrest, […]

Crime in JB: Singapore family kidnapped in JB

July 3, 2012

The case of the Malaysian family who were kidnapped two days ago in JB must have horrified Singaporeans. It both saddens and infuriates me whenever I read about Singaporeans who get into trouble in Malaysia. It infuriates me when commonsense is lacking, for instance, driving through the JB checkpoint without having your passport stamped because […]

New policing model: cops on bikes

March 2, 2012

I applaud the new community policing model: bicycle and foot patrols. For years people have noticed the absence of the police in the community which has created opportunities for crime. With more and more foreigners in the community, people have become anxious over their personal safety and that of their families. When I was in […]

Changi pub-owner fined: sign of a thuggish society?

November 18, 2011

These days people must be wondering whether our society is becoming disorderly. Two incidents this week make people worry about their personal safety. In the first incident, a pub owner attacked a customer in his pub. Taken to court, he was fined $1500. Most people would think this is a very lenient sentence for an […]