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Nelson Mandela Memorial: lesson for the repressive Singapore government

December 11, 2013

Such is the towering stature of Nelson Mandela that more than 100 world leaders past and current attended his Memorial. Among them were autocrats, dictators and others whose sole preoccupation in office is to enrich themselves, their families and cronies. The US President drew the loudest cheer when he rose to deliver his eulogy. Mandela […]

Syria crisis House of Commons debate: lesson for repressive PAP regime in Singapore

August 30, 2013

Listening to the heated debate last night over the Syrian crisis in the British Parliament, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Shown live, the whole world could watch the proceedings. This is real democracy at work unlike the pseudo one here in Singapore. This is a real first world Parliament although the PAP regime made […]

PAP government reform: 10 words it hates

July 3, 2013

Since we are on the theme of words, I’ll continue with a word-related blog. Dreaded words. To be precise, 10 words the ruling PAP fears , hates, deplores, avoids, detests, Words PAP Ministers and its MPs avoid using. If used by others like their political opponents and the United Nations to charge the PAP government […]

PM Lee May Day Message: another wayang?

May 2, 2013

Netizens have greeted PM Lee’s May Day Message to work with the leaders for a better Singapore with derision and skepticism. Does this surprise people anymore? No. Because PM Lee is widely seen as an ineffectual leader with a propensity for making lip service statements. Under his watch, the social fabric of our country has […]

Punggol East By-Election: why NOT to vote for PAP

January 24, 2013

When the residents of Punggol go to the polls on Saturday, they must be clear what the stakes are: what it means to vote for the ruling regime, the PAP or the opposition. Among other things a vote for the PAP is to give the ruling regime the mandate for: 1. A non-accountable government. Without […]

Punggol East By-Election: vote for change, vote Opposition

January 23, 2013

The 2013 Freedom House Report on the state of democracy throughout the world once again confirms that Singapore remains a repressive country. It’s still labelled as PARTLY FREE in contrast to Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan which are FREE countries. To no one’s surprise China, greatly admired by regime leaders, remains as NOT FREE. […]

Punggol By Election: money grabs by the ruling regime

January 21, 2013

Authoritarian countries like China have land grabs but in Singapore there are money grabs. The regime had already grabbed land in the earlier years and paid peanuts to farmers and property owners. The regime has honed to a fine art the contemptible practice of imposing all sorts of fees, levies and taxes. All it needs […]

Massive Wayang: Singapore National CON-versation

September 16, 2012

As far as cynics are concerned, the National CON-versation aka National Wayang is proving them right. It’s all a gimmick. PM Lee has stressed that the pompously termed National Conversation is NOT about sacred cows of which many are entrenched, given the nature of a repressive ruling regime. Clearly he has set the red line. […]

A con job: Singapore National Conversation

September 11, 2012

To no one’s surprise, PM Lee has emphasised that the National Conversation is NOT about slaughtering sacred cows. He said this at the end of the APEC leaders’ summit in Russia. As I’ve stressed many times before, the core value of the ruling regime is one of repression. Many things like the law against peaceful […]

Crying wolf: Singapore National Conversation

September 9, 2012

Reading the online reactions about the so-called National Conversation (NC) confirms my belief that it’s a red herring and sloganeering. As expected, the government mouthpiece MSM has been shouting from the rooftop and trying to whip up excitement over NC. Truth be told, no one gives two hoots. Will NC be about really fundamental issues […]