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PAP Core Value: collecting and collecting more and more revenue

June 5, 2014

Unjustified: ERP is to control traffic congestion but where’s the congestion here? Illogical.   I was struck by what the British PM David Cameron said yesterday in Parliament. To a packed House, he declared that his government intended to let people keep more of their money in their pockets. Say what you like about the […]

ERP rates to increase: netizens condemn LTA and PAP regime

October 29, 2013

To a man, Singaporeans have taken to the internet to condemn LTA’s move to raise ERP at certain gantries on Monday. LTA says this follows its review. The rate will go up from S$5 to S$6 from 8.30am to 9am. Yahoo attracted more than 500 condemnations, and counting:- “By increasing the ERP pricing, will it […]

Satellite ERP for congestion only: yet another wayang from regime

May 17, 2013

Hahaha. I had another good laugh when I read the Transport Minister’s claim that the impending Satellite ERP would be targeted at only congestion. These people can make a good living being a stand-up comedian. LOL. You believe him? Then why does he refuse to remove Saturday ERP when there is virtually zero congestion? Clearly […]

Unjustified and Greedy: Saturday ERP

May 5, 2013

LTA “raided” my money yesterday evening. It was a Saturday. But ERP was in operation till 8 pm in the city. Even when traffic was very light and I could go up to 80, 90 kph. Everywhere I turned ERP ambushed me. Just to drop off a passenger at the Esplanade ( driving from AMK) […]

Removal of Saturday ERP: proof of PAP government greed

March 23, 2013

When MPs clamoured for the removal of Saturday ERP the regime was unmoved. This is not surprising as profiteering at the people’s expense is one of its CORE values. “Every damn bloody thing PAP makes us pay,” exclaimed the 75 year old retiree who was fined for parking his ancient scooter (rightfully belongs to a […]

Greedy PAP government: no plans to remove evening and Saturday ERP.

March 14, 2013

Transport Minister says ERP has served Singapore well. Ya, right. Serve the regime well maybe in raking in billions in revenue. They are already squeezing motorists in every conceivable way imaginable. Maybe he’s right about morning ERP. But I think he is definitely wrong on evening and Saturday ERP. After office hours, why does he […]

LTA the golden goose: fines and fees

February 28, 2013

We all live in accordance with our values. If we value generosity, instinctively we act in a generous manner towards others. Governments and organisations behave likewise. Whatever values they cherish will be reflected in their policies. One of the PAP regime’s core values,without a shadow of a doubt, is greed. It chases after every cent […]

LTA: be fair over ERP

March 18, 2010

On Tuesday night there was a incredible traffic jam on the CTE caused by an accident. Motorists had to inch their way out of the traffic snarl. All this while, ERP was in operation. ERP promises a smooth ride with speed of over 40kph but in a situation like this it was anything but a […]

Singapore: why empty streets in city, LTA?

March 3, 2010

Pictures L to R 1. (top row) North Bridge Road -the road is so empty that this trishaw rider can ride against the flow of traffic. 2. Middle Road 3. Bencoolen Street, outside Sim Lim Square 4. (lower row) Victoria Street, outside National Library Less I be accussed of bias in being selective in my […]

Vibrant Cities: Lack of vibrancy in Singapore. LTA to be blamed?

March 2, 2010

Pictures above (taken yesterday at about 6pm) in the Singapore River and Funan Centre areas: dramatic proof of how empty the streets are, and how dead the city is, thanks to ERP. Most big cities have that vibrancy which, to the keen observer, is missing in Singapore. Go downtown in Singapore, and you can be […]