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PM Lee National Day Message: another lip service moment

August 12, 2013

So another National Day has come and gone. What were some of your abiding memories of the past week? I have a few of my own. This year the mood was even more sombre than the past years. I “celebrated” National Day cycling round the island for a distance of 90 km, covering most of […]

Like a broken record: PM Lee’s National Day Message

August 9, 2012

The quiet PM Lee’s National Day Speech contained nothing of much surprise. In fact, many could have predicted his message eg that of shared home in the face of the tens of thousands of newly minted citizens. As expected, since he lacks leadership and vision the speech was fundamentally a rehash of the speech he […]

Lip Service: Government looks after ALL Singaporeans,PM LEE

June 30, 2012

PM LEE, who is widely seen as having a passion for lip service utterances, yesterday declared that the PAP government looks after ALL Singaporeans. At the Swearing-in ceremony for new MPs after the defining GE 2011 he promised, among other things, a fair and just society. But we all know that the wealthy and well-connected […]