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Tan Kin Lian: calling on stingy government to give pension to elderly

January 13, 2013

To the observant, there’s one aspect of life in Singapore that will not escape their attention. And that is the army of older Singaporeans in their 60s to their 70s, some even in their 80s I’ve personally seen, toiling away in physically demanding jobs as cleaners and road-sweepers. Having travelled in much of Asia, where […]

Enigma: Singapore a city full of paradoxes brags Grace Fu

August 6, 2012

Grace Fu, Minister in the PMO and Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, is brilliantly spot on when she described Singapore as a city of paradoxes. A tiny city with one of the largest landfills in the world is truly amazing she gushed. I agree. A land-scarce city that has devoted prime land […]

By-Election Rally: Workers’ Party May 22 – call for greater respect of the elderly

May 23, 2012

Singapore senior citizen: still toiling away at 10:30pm when she should be at home spending time with her family or grandchildren. In stark contrast, cleaners in China are young people! Many issues, points and rebuttals to PAP’s claims were made at the Workers’ Party by- election rally last night. I’ll just focus on one. WP […]