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JB toll hike: penny wise, pound foolish

August 5, 2014

Some of the utterings of Malaysian politicians betray the fact that they are sorely out of touch. One declared that prices of goods in JB are half that in Singapore. This is incorrect. Most goods in JB are only SLIGHTLY cheaper with some even matching Singapore’s. One can get similar goods in Sheng Shiong here […]

JB toll hike: signs of JB businesses meltdown?

August 2, 2014

JB ICQ implemented the new toll rates for inbound and outbound (new) yesterday. Curious to know the effect that would have on Singapore motorists, I checked the traffic situation for the morning rush hour. Lo and behold, the Woodlands Checkpoint was deserted when normally it would be bumper to bumper traffic heading to JB. So […]

Woodlands Checkpoint congestion: ICA is the culprit

May 25, 2014

Daily afffair: congestion tailback from Singapore immigration to Malaysia immigration checkpoint.  At a JB car wash I asked a Malaysian,”Do you often go to Singapore?” “I used to occasionally but ever since the congestion at your Woodlands checkpoint I’ve stopped crossing over. That includes many of my friends. It’s normal even on a weekday to […]

To Malaysia Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman: white card is a hindrance to Msian tourism

June 16, 2009

When Malaysia decided to do away with the white immigration cards for Singaporeans entering the country, it was widely welcome especially among motorists. The white card had been troublesome and an annoyance. Now we could enter Malaysia on a whim without worrying whether we had any white cards. A few months back the white immigration […]