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JB Immigration and Customs Complex: JB Traffic cops still “working hard”

November 5, 2012

Cycling home last night ( yes, cycling, not driving) in a steady drizzle towards JB ICQ I wondered whether the JB Traffic cops would still be fishing for “business” outside the complex. I’ve witnessed many instances of Singapore motorists being booked at this spot for allegedly beating the red light. Well, even in the drizzle […]

Crime in JB: kidnapped Singapore family will return

July 9, 2012

Rita Zahara is one lucky lady because her family escaped bodily harm or, worse, being sent to meet the Divine after being kidnapped in JB on 1 July. I had no doubt then that the kidnappers would be arrested. Congratulation to the JB police team. JB police chief spoke with some vigour after the arrest, […]