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JB toll hike: Singaporeans boycott JB and Msian buses strike

August 1, 2014

Yesterday five of us JB regulars bade farewell to JB with a party in…JB of course. From today the JB toll for inbound AND outbound (a new toll) will cost RM 16.50. And, the Singapore regime, with greed as its core value, has vowed to match that. Once a week on average each of us […]

SBS Transit bus attack in JB

February 11, 2009

The news that an SBS bus was attacked in Johor Baru is shocking. Robbers wielding parangs attacked the driver in an attempt to force him to stop the bus. This took place right in the heart of the city centre, a spitting distance away from the police station! This says a lot about the security […]

Why are Singapore coach companies still imposing fuel charges?

January 8, 2009

I REFER to Ms Tan Lay Kuan’s complaint, ‘Fuel tax overstated by travel agency’ (Dec 20). I am sure there are many such instances. When the oil price was high, I travelled to Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia by coach and the fuel surcharge imposed was $20 per person. I did not object. […]