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St Margaret Secondary School Principal: covering her ass over punishment of bald students? Part 2

August 6, 2013

The Singapore school system has been praised by the ruling PAP government. But it has turned the country into a tuition nation. Rote-learning and a heavily exam-oriented school system has tuned out students who are only exam-smart. The holy grail for school principals is for their schools to excel academically. To motivate them towards this […]

Law Society of Singapore: finally wakes up, thanks to Ravi

July 18, 2012

First it was the SMRT train disruptions last December that incurred the wrath of Singaporeans already fed up with the massive imports of cheap labour. Hot on the heels of this debacle, PM Lee was roundly rebuked by Singaporeans for dragging his feet over whether to hold a by-election in Hougang. Now the latest controversy […]

Lip Service: Government looks after ALL Singaporeans,PM LEE

June 30, 2012

PM LEE, who is widely seen as having a passion for lip service utterances, yesterday declared that the PAP government looks after ALL Singaporeans. At the Swearing-in ceremony for new MPs after the defining GE 2011 he promised, among other things, a fair and just society. But we all know that the wealthy and well-connected […]

Jailed for commercial sex: the law has no common sense?

January 10, 2012

Four months jail for having commercial sex with an underage Vietnamese girl? To my mind, this is absurd.  She came with the single-minded purpose of prostituting herself. The customer did not coerce her in any way. Besides, she lied about her age.  In prostitution there is no victim unless the female was forced into it.  […]

NSF man posts text criticising Islam: playing with fire

November 20, 2011

Those who dismissed the recent incident of a PAP Youth member’s very negative comment about a certain community in Singapore as an isolated case may have to reconsider their views. This time it involves a National Serviceman making very negative comments about this community’s religion. Whatever their motivations, be it for self-promotion, cheap publicity, bravado […]

Man accused of murder freed: state has to compensate

July 8, 2011

I may have eggs thrown in my face for jumping the gun or run the risk of being called naive. In the wake of the stunning acquittal of Mr lsmil Kadar by the Court of Appeal, people are asking whether the government is going to offer some form of compensation. Mr Ismil Kadar spent six […]

Thaipusam 2011 noise curbs: impact on CNY

February 18, 2011

To toast the last day of Chinese New Year 2011 in Singapore, my friends and I gathered at a Yishun coffee shop. Someone said,”You know, this Chinese New Year is very boring. Last year at least the lion dance troupes went around visiting homes and shops. Although noisy, it was exciting and made the atmosphere […]