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CRIME in JB: lip service only or cakap saja.

July 15, 2012

JB police chief has assured Singaporeans that criminals don’t target them as crime is one of giving them the opportunity. That means Malaysians are also victims. This may be true but Singaporeans are still very much wary of JB’s unsavoury reputation. JB has a reputation for making a big show of tackling crime in an […]

New Causeway toll: unfair, boycott JB

December 9, 2011

The Causeway is seen as a cash cow by both the Singapore and Johor authorities.  Now the cash cow is getting fatter. From next year, returning motorists from JB will have to pay a toll.  This is to pay for the new highway linking the Causeway to the North-South Expressway.  This is unfair for those […]

Fuel restriction in Malaysia: Don’t overdo things!

December 29, 2009

Today, the Star newspaper published my letter on the issue of fuel restriction for foreign cars. Apart from rising crime in Malaysia and other hassles, Singaporeans now face another in the form of fuel restriction. ========================================================================================= Tuesday December 29, 2009 Fuel restriction won’t turn off Singaporeans SINGAPOREANS drive across to Malaysia, particularly Johor Baru (JB), […]

To Malaysia Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman: white card is a hindrance to Msian tourism

June 16, 2009

When Malaysia decided to do away with the white immigration cards for Singaporeans entering the country, it was widely welcome especially among motorists. The white card had been troublesome and an annoyance. Now we could enter Malaysia on a whim without worrying whether we had any white cards. A few months back the white immigration […]