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Riot in Little India: Spotlight on SPF

December 10, 2013

I’ve touched on the subject of the disappearance of SPF from public places in several posts. Many others have also expressed disappointment over this. Once again, the spotlight falls on SPF prompted by the rioting in Little India just as it did over the police officer who murdered two persons in Kovan. With thousands of […]

Riot in Little India: writing on the wall

December 9, 2013

Many people have said that the rioting in Little India was something waiting to happen. Perhaps it had something to do with poor living conditions, exploitive employers and terms of employment as some have speculated. And things came to a head with the death of a fellow countryman in a tragic road accident, and Indians […]

Cyber attacks on govt websites: national security shouldn’t be outsourced

November 6, 2013

The cyber attacks against the Singapore government underlines the concern many Singaporeans have over the security of the country. This covers not only cyber security but internal security as well. Many view with growing alarm the vast numbers of so-called foreign talent manning IT in Singapore. Their driving ambition is to make money not the […]

Immigration must be sustainable: an out of touch PM Lee

October 31, 2013

To be accused of being out of touch is a serious charge for politicians. But you can brush this off if you are the Prime Minister of an authoritarian nation like Singapore. Speaking at a forum in Paris (29 Oct) he said that immigration had to be sustainable for Singapore. ‚ÄúSustainable means we can handle […]