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Chen Show Mao on social spending: PAP MP astonishing outburst

March 5, 2012

I have always held the view that the ruling party is not fully aware of the real concerns of the man in the street. Ministers and their MPs are mostly cocooned in their ivory towers. If they do deign to mingle with the masses, they move around behind a wall of security people or so-called […]

National Day: what is there to celebrate?

August 5, 2011

This giant billboard dwarfing the surrounding building in Geylang Serai stopped me dead in my tracks. PAP MPs seem to find this form of PR , marketing or whatever you term it as essential. It must have cost quite a tidy sum to erect such a humongous structure. Wonder who paid for it? Are they […]

PAP’s image problem: a repressive, bullying and intolerant party

May 27, 2011

At a gathering of friends today at our HQ (coffee shop), someone said with exasperation, “Now then PAP MPs dare open their mouths, and talk about what went wrong in the General Election.” Party-whip notwithstanding, if there were serious concerns affecting the PAP, they should have had the moral courage to speak up.  Now that […]