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Flying the Singapore National Flag: the snub continues

July 30, 2013

In 2011 I wrote about how Singaporeans snubbed the ruling PAP regime by refusing to fly the National flag on National Day. Two years on, Singaporeans are still in a snubbing mood. With less than a fortnight to go before National Day on 9 August, most people in the heartland and private estates still refuse […]

Delusional: PM Lee always glad to see Singaporeans flying our flag with pride

August 4, 2012

Crazy as it may sound, I’ve taken to flag spotting, like bird watching sort of thing know what I mean? With the National Day only a couple of days away, Singaporeans’ stubborn refusal to fly the national flag in the heartland, private estates and on cars has been observed by many people. In fact, I’ve […]

National Day: what is there to celebrate?

August 5, 2011

This giant billboard dwarfing the surrounding building in Geylang Serai stopped me dead in my tracks. PAP MPs seem to find this form of PR , marketing or whatever you term it as essential. It must have cost quite a tidy sum to erect such a humongous structure. Wonder who paid for it? Are they […]

Singapore National Day: where are our national flags?

August 2, 2011

With a week to go before National Day, our HDB heartland should be awash with the national flags fluttering proudly from HDB apartments. Sadly, it’s not the case. And as for cars, I saw only one displaying the flag so far. Contrast this with the situation in Malaysia. With one month to go before their […]

Singapore National Day: flying the flag

August 12, 2010

As we approached National Day early this month, I noticed a few cars proudly flying mini national flags. A friend remarked that as the National Day fervour caught on, more and more cars would sport the flags. I did not share his confidence, arguing that Singaporeans are generally apathetic, and not many motorists would bother. […]