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Unfair fuel surcharges in Singapore – even ferry operators are guilty

January 20, 2009

There have been two letters in the letters pages of the Singapore papers highlighting the continued imposition of the fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies plying between Malaysia and Thailand. Another letter in TODAY paper points out that even ferry operators are playing the same game. Fair is fair, right? When oil price shot up […]

Fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies -why pay more?

January 17, 2009

Singapore tour companies continue to levy a fuel surcharge (see earlier blog on why this is unjustified). But travellers can resist being taken for a ride by these unscrupulous companies. Simple. Don’t give them your business. How? For those who are new to travelling by coach to Malaysia or Thailand, read on. This is how […]

Unfair fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies

January 15, 2009

Thinking of going to Genting Highlands I went to Golden Mile to book a bus ticket. When I asked why there was a fuel surcharge despite plunging oil price, the lady with the bus company said, “Last time, $14 but now we charge only $10.” This is absurd. Their buses always fill up with cheap […]

Why are Singapore coach companies still imposing fuel charges?

January 8, 2009

I REFER to Ms Tan Lay Kuan’s complaint, ‘Fuel tax overstated by travel agency’ (Dec 20). I am sure there are many such instances. When the oil price was high, I travelled to Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia by coach and the fuel surcharge imposed was $20 per person. I did not object. […]