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New Causeway toll: how to kill JB

March 16, 2012

I have asked more friends if they’d go to JB once the new toll, reportedly 5 times more, was implemented. Every single one of them fumed, “No, what’s the point? Unfair to make us pay if we don’t use the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL)”. These are all JB regulars who make regular trips for R […]

New Causeway toll: a survey of Singapore motorists

January 1, 2012

To my mind it’s a forgone conclusion that the Malaysian authorities will surely increase the Causeway toll by up to 6 times as some reports suggest.  I asked my friends who are JB regulars if they’d continue to go if the toll were hiked up. All said no, not worthwhile anymore, JB prices of food, […]

New Causeway toll: 5 reasons to boycott JB

December 29, 2011

Once the Malaysian authorities increase the Causeway toll in view of the new expressway linking JB to the North-South Expressway, many motorists will think twice about driving over for the following reasons: 1. Early reports indicate that the new Causeway toll will be about 4 times more. Singapore Immigration will surely not miss the opportunity […]