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Sticker Lady is vandalism? Talk Cock Only

June 9, 2012

I don’t know what went through the Sticker Lady’s mind as she went about determinedly spreading her sticker messages. Probably it was This is great fun and if caught so what? And with widespread police surveillance cameras it was only a matter of time. Reading some of her sticker messages certainly made me laugh, and […]

Traffic cops go undercover: get priorities right!

March 22, 2012

In the last five months, undercover traffic police cops have issued more than 900 summonses to errant drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Goodness, pedestrians too? Traffic Police, rarely seen on our roads and expressways, will now be even rarer that they have gone undercover. Even then with their limited manpower, I hope they will make it […]

800 cyclists summoned each year: well done, Traffic Police?

November 23, 2011

I read with amusement in the state-controlled media (ranked bottom for press freedom by Reporters Without Borders) that 800 cyclists each year were summoned in the past three years. Amusement turned to hilarity when I read what the DPM and Home Affairs Minister had to say: “the Traffic Police takes a strong view against cyclists […]

Driving in Singapore: beware the queue jumpers

January 26, 2011

Singaporeans are generally polite except when they drive! Then they undergo a sudden transformation and bizarrely become rude, mean and selfish. Some suffer a greater affliction by being transformed into aggressive, competitive, even fatalistic, creatures.  I will just zero in on one aspect: the queue-jumping drivers. While others queue patiently, these drivers would drive right […]

Road rage: Singapore traffic police should show up

November 29, 2010

A Straits Times report today says that some road rage police cases end up in a dead end. The reason is for lack of evidence.  What are drivers supposed to do? Install video recording devices in their car or carry them around on their person? The authorities totally miss the point.  Why are drivers increasingly […]

Driving in Malaysia: why you mustn’t bribe Malaysian traffic cops

September 16, 2010

This is the second time I’ve received a warning from Malaysian friends NOT to offer bribes to Malaysian traffic cops.  Remember the case of the  Singapore businessman who got into trouble for offering a bribe? Read on and find out why.  WARNING : DON’T OFFER DUIT KOPI FROM NOW ON! DEAR  FRIENDS If you have […]

LTA and Singapore Traffic Police: increase in illegally modified cars

August 13, 2010

In just 6 months of this year, 1381 motorists were caught with illegally modified cars. That is an average of about whopping 230 cases a month! The question that comes readily to mind is why LTA and Traffic Police allowed the problem to escalate. The public have been concerned enough to write to the papers […]

Driving in Singapore: traffic police, act against road bullies

August 9, 2010

Despite my letter in the Straits Times urging the police to beef up their presence on our roads and expressways, they are strangely a rare sight. However, they are out in full force when a VVIP is in town. It makes you wonder what prevents our traffic cops from patrolling our roads and highways. So […]

LTA and Singapore Traffic Police: time to act tough, if not now when?

February 12, 2010

Another hit-and-run accident. A young couple were knocked down when the green man was in their favour. One of the victims is in intensive care. It’s both sad and sickening to read of hit-and-run accidents. Not only it’s cowardly but also inhuman to leave your victims lying seriously injured. A broken wing mirror led police […]

Tragic death of a Singapore sports veteran

January 31, 2010

I was shocked by the news of the death of one of Singapore’s most illustrious sportsmen, Tan Eng Yoon. He was knocked down by a 33-year-old driver. It was also at this spot where a couple were knocked down by a drink-driving motorist. The wife tragically died. I’ve been been highlighting the anarchic state on […]