Not flushing the toilet attracts a fine in Singapore

“Failure to flush the toilet after use can result in a $150 (S$75) fine but then, chances of getting caught are pretty slim. However, urinating in elevators can cause the doors of some to permanently close until the police squad arrives! It’s also wise to take your own toilet paper as it’s not always available in many public toilets.” (from hoteltravel guide)

This travel advice is striking in three ways.

Firstly, the law on not flushing the toilet is downright ridiculous, making us a laughing stock. Has anyone been caught so far?

Secondly, has the police nothing better to do than to respond to lift-urinating culprits? At best this is hilarious, at worst it serves to reinforce the perception that Singapore is a dictatorial state.

Thirdly, it’s true toilet paper is not available but only in coffee shop and petrol kiosk toilets. Generally, it’s available in shopping mall, hotel and fastfood restaurant toilets.

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