Singapore: why empty streets in city, LTA?

Pictures L to R
1. (top row) North Bridge Road -the road is so empty that this trishaw rider can ride against the flow of traffic.
2. Middle Road
3. Bencoolen Street, outside Sim Lim Square
4. (lower row) Victoria Street, outside National Library

Less I be accussed of bias in being selective in my choice of locations, I’ve taken pictures of other parts of the city in the afternoon.

Even a cursory glance at the pictures will show how strkingly empty our downtown streets are.

Those taken yesterday were at 6pm, the evening rush hour in most cities.

Today’s pictures were taken in the afternoon.

It’s ridiculous to have such empty roads when they can easily support a much heavier volume of traffic.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) should either reduce ERP rates or lift the operational hours of ERP gantries during the day.

If LTA’s retort is “Pay or stay out”, fine, many motorists do just that.

But it’s a crying shame to see all those under-utilised roads.

Does LTA know what it’s doing?


4 Responses to “Singapore: why empty streets in city, LTA?”

  1. The other extreme:

    When I leave my home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening, the jam is everywhere, from Anglo Chinese School at Dunearn Road I struggle to get to Raffles City, with traffic at a standstill, stretching down Bukit Timah way. Takes a long time to get to North Bridge Road nowadays.

    Then when I reach my destination, the car parks are full, the restaurants are full, the shops are full and we’ve all been fooled!

    But it’s good for everyone they say. More business, more money. We can never win, can we?

  2. I’ve observed that most people wait till ERP is lifted at 8pm before entering the city. Before that the city is to all intents and purposes dead or at best half-dead.

    Does LTA know what’s doing?

  3. I heartily agree with you regarding the ERP. Its pricing is abt the wackiest thing in Singapore: LTA should tender out the roads to private business and then see how much more responsive entreprenuers can be.

    Pse delete the following if you think it’s spam but I just want to share with u/yr visitors what I think of our ERP pricing:

  4. If you know TRANSPORT MINISTER”S or PM’S email send them these pictures to prove the utter absurdity of it all.

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