ERP rates to increase: netizens condemn LTA and PAP regime

To a man, Singaporeans have taken to the internet to condemn LTA’s move to raise ERP at certain gantries on Monday.

LTA says this follows its review.

The rate will go up from S$5 to S$6 from 8.30am to 9am.

Yahoo attracted more than 500 condemnations, and counting:-

“By increasing the ERP pricing, will it helps to smooth the traffic? Honestly I don’t think so. Somehow along the way, it became a revenue generator.
Chia, 23 hrs ago”

Coe and ERP went up, expect us to take public transport but Mrt breakdown here and there and bus system is so inefficient and slow. Want us to ride bicycle, where is the bicycle track? “Probably they want us to go back to the basic by walking. I am really sick of those policy makers, a bunch of useless, no brain, ball carriers…only good in squeezing money out of us. Just three more yrs to 2006, we shall see…
Dust, 23 hrs ago”

“seriously GREED knows no bound, the way they milk the motorists, they ought to be kicked out next GE2016…
Karl, 23 hrs ago”

Secondary schools have closed for exams so traffic should be lighter so LTA review is a sham.

LTA is widely seen as a revenue generator for the regime through its omnipresent ERP.

For example, on Saturdays I can easily drive at 80 to 90 kph in the city but ERP remains in operation.

On Nicoll Highway in the evening ERP is $2 but recently I could drive at 90 kph. Others even sped at 100 kph.

There’s absolutely no justification for ERP in these two instances except to raise revenue. Vehicle owners are already subjected to a multiplicity of fees and taxes.

That LTA’s decision is CONSISTENT with the regime culture of GREED is beyond doubt.

The regime’s addiction to plundering our pockets should be stopped.

LTA culture of greed: “deserted” road but ERP in operation. Proves that LTA reviews are a sham.

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