JB RM 20 VEP: JB mati lah

So finally Msia has made up its mind over its VEP for Singapore registered vehicles. It’ll be RM 20 from the middle of 2015.

Clearly Msia has followed in the footsteps of Singapore in imposing a VEP. It’s finally realized what a gold mine there’s in this VEP thing.

With 400,000 crossings PER DAY, the money is like fallen leaves. The Singapore government was the first to realize the vast potential. Given its customary greed, this is hardly surprising.

The winners are JB and Singapore. The losers are motorists from
both sides.

My response to the two greedy sides is to stop driving across. Many friends share the same sentiment.

Why allow them to exploit you?

JB shopping malls and small businesses are suffering from the sharp fall in patronage. Well, JB authorities are responsible.

Personally, I save a lot of time by choosing not to cross over. There’s nothing in Malaysia I find attractive now.

Having criss crossed Malaysia, it’s déjà vu. Terima kasih for the good times, Malaysia.

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