Kovan double murder: SPF needs to make Singapore safe

So another horrific crime!

This time it’s the double murder in Kovan. The rioting case in Kaki Bukit and the slashing case in Orchard Road is still fresh in our minds, and now this.

Crime, as a police chief once told me, takes place because of an opportunity, and the perception that it can be committed with impunity.

Even visitors to Singapore have noticed the lack of a police presence in public places. A friend from the US remarked that he didn’t see any traffic police on our roads.

Singaporeans have long noticed the absence of police patrols in public places and housing estates.

The Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Mission and Vision to make Singapore the SAFEST country in the world remains an empty boast if it is not convinced that boosting its presence in public is vital in deterring and preventing crime.

Less you think I have had one drink too many, here’s what SPF says on its website:

“In aspiring to be a Force for the Nation, it is the goal of the Singapore Police Force to make Singapore the safest country in the world. As a force for the nation, SPF strives to ensure the security, survival, and success of Singapore.”


A reader commented in an MSM paper: Are we becoming a cowboy town?

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