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Singapore human rights: bane of PAP government

July 5, 2013

Like many others I had read Singapore’s ONLY daily newspapers for years. But with the advent of the Internet we gradually realized we had been brainwashed. All along the Straits Times had been and is still the propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling PAP government. For many years now I’ve boycotted the Straits Times also dubbed […]

Punggol East By-Election: why NOT to vote for PAP

January 24, 2013

When the residents of Punggol go to the polls on Saturday, they must be clear what the stakes are: what it means to vote for the ruling regime, the PAP or the opposition. Among other things a vote for the PAP is to give the ruling regime the mandate for: 1. A non-accountable government. Without […]

Punggol East By-Election: vote for change, vote Opposition

January 23, 2013

The 2013 Freedom House Report on the state of democracy throughout the world once again confirms that Singapore remains a repressive country. It’s still labelled as PARTLY FREE in contrast to Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan which are FREE countries. To no one’s surprise China, greatly admired by regime leaders, remains as NOT FREE. […]

Punggol East By Election: 10 reasons to vote Opposition

January 20, 2013

These are the 10 top reasons why Punggol East should vote for the opposition. 1. Rising cost of living. Prices of HDB and housing of all types continue their upward trajectory. 2. Ever rising COE makes even the average family car cost more than $100000. 3. Transport woes. Overcrowding and MRT breakdowns continue to bedevil […]

Massive Wayang: Singapore National CON-versation

September 16, 2012

As far as cynics are concerned, the National CON-versation aka National Wayang is proving them right. It’s all a gimmick. PM Lee has stressed that the pompously termed National Conversation is NOT about sacred cows of which many are entrenched, given the nature of a repressive ruling regime. Clearly he has set the red line. […]

A con job: Singapore National Conversation

September 11, 2012

To no one’s surprise, PM Lee has emphasised that the National Conversation is NOT about slaughtering sacred cows. He said this at the end of the APEC leaders’ summit in Russia. As I’ve stressed many times before, the core value of the ruling regime is one of repression. Many things like the law against peaceful […]

Crying wolf: Singapore National Conversation

September 9, 2012

Reading the online reactions about the so-called National Conversation (NC) confirms my belief that it’s a red herring and sloganeering. As expected, the government mouthpiece MSM has been shouting from the rooftop and trying to whip up excitement over NC. Truth be told, no one gives two hoots. Will NC be about really fundamental issues […]

Same old story: National Day Rally 2012

August 26, 2012

No one, except newly minted citizens and PRs, is surprised by the overall tone and thrust of quiet PM Lee’ s National Day Speech. In line with previous ND rallies, Singaporeans who succeeded in overcoming the odds were singled out for the spotlight to fall on them to generate the feel-good factor. All the goodies […]

Enigma: Singapore a city full of paradoxes brags Grace Fu

August 6, 2012

Grace Fu, Minister in the PMO and Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, is brilliantly spot on when she described Singapore as a city of paradoxes. A tiny city with one of the largest landfills in the world is truly amazing she gushed. I agree. A land-scarce city that has devoted prime land […]

Law Society of Singapore: finally wakes up, thanks to Ravi

July 18, 2012

First it was the SMRT train disruptions last December that incurred the wrath of Singaporeans already fed up with the massive imports of cheap labour. Hot on the heels of this debacle, PM Lee was roundly rebuked by Singaporeans for dragging his feet over whether to hold a by-election in Hougang. Now the latest controversy […]